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ecobee Smart sensor -Doors and Windows Motion Sensor

ecobee Smart sensor -Doors and Windows Motion Sensor

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Empower Your Space: ecobee Smart Sensor for Doors & Windows 2-Pack - Unleash Motion Sensor.

Stay in total control of your home's security with the ecobee Smart Sensor for Doors & Windows 2-Pack. Get instant, smart notifications whenever a door or window is opened or closed, ensuring you're always in the know about your surroundings.

Experience unparalleled coverage with its integrated motion sensor feature. Detect activity within a wide 120° angle, up to 16 feet away, providing an extra layer of protection for your space. When armed, the Smart Sensor acts as a vigilant sentry, alerting you to any movements in your home (subscription required*).

Harmonize your home's efficiency with the Pause when Open function. Seamlessly integrated with your ecobee smart thermostat, it automatically suspends heating or cooling when a door or window is left open, saving energy without compromising comfort (subscription required*).

Crafted with minimalist elegance, ecobee Smart Sensors blend effortlessly into your home's aesthetics, maintaining your interior's visual appeal.

Simple and swift installation lets you attach the sensor to any door or window, enabling you to start enhancing your home's security within minutes.

Rest easy with the assurance of an industry-leading 3-year warranty and an impressive 5-year battery life. For the ultimate security experience, pair this product with the ecobee Smart Security subscription, providing you with Pause when Open functionality and motion alerts when your security system is armed. Plus, enjoy a complimentary 2-month free trial of the subscription upon purchase.

Elevate your home's safeguarding capabilities with the ecobee Smart Sensor for Doors & Windows 2-Pack, designed to empower and protect your living spaces with advanced, intuitive technology.

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