Collection: Door Lock

Our Smart Home Technology of  Door lock will allow you to remote control to lock or unlock your door from anywhere by using your phone with a supporting Smart Home The single bolt is adjustable and it can be adjust depends on your door type.

Smart unlocking: options include the Tuya Smart App, IC Cards, Mechanical Keys, Fingerprint, Passcode, and the Tuya Smart App.
Strong Features: With a supporting Smart Home System and your phone, this smart lock enables you to remotely unlock or lock your door from anywhere. OTP is also supported. The single bolt can be adjusted depending on the style of your door.
CONVENIENT TO MANAGE: By using the door lock, you may examine the unlocking history, set an alarm, and share a temporary code or key with visitors, nannies, housekeepers, tenants, and other people.

POWER AND CHARGING: Four 4AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) are used to power this smart door lock. The smart lock will sound an alarm each time it is unlocked if the voltage is less than 4.8v. You will get a mobile app notification when your battery is low.
    AUTOMATION: Home automations are activated by interacting with other smart home devices, such as smart lights, a smart thermostat for the air conditioner, and a smart curtain.
  EASY TO INSTALL: We have included a user manual on the packaging that you can use to install the Keyless Entry Door Lock and fully enjoy all of the capabilities of the lock.