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Smart Smoke Detector

Smart Smoke Detector

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Wi-Fi Smart Smoke Fire Alarm Sensor Detector Home Security System Battery-powered Alarm Wireless Smart Life Tuya App Control by Moes

Main Features:

1. Tuya Wi-Fi Smoke Detector: Intelligently applied for the detection of fire, which is designed and equipped with high stability and sensitivity and many other functions. This smart Wi-Fi version is a micro-innovation on the basis of traditional smoke sensor technology that is much more intelligent than ever with various smart features, providing more convenience to your smart lifestyle.

2. New Cloud System Service to Ensure Safety: Working with the third-party cloud platform that can not only be used for traditional fire protection system, but also applied to focus on the development of "early warning" to let people pay more attention for their own safety. And smoke concentrations is detected based on the principle that, particles in smoke refract infrared light. Besides, the smoke detector provides live sound and light alarm with red running lights.

3. App Push Notifications and Control: Compatible with Smart Life and Tuya App enables the timely discovery of danger of fire or smoke and real- time notifications to your smart phone. No need to be connected to the alarm host that is able to work independently in the Wi-Fi network system for informing alarm situation via Wi-Fi network. And even check history records and setting options on your smart phone App.

4. Smart App Remote Control with manual test and manual muting: Remotely self-test for the smoke security offers much convenience, as well as manual muting, is smartly supported via smart phone app with alarm situation, together with the smart button for testing and sound silence manually, which is applicable for residential, shopping malls, warehouses, etc. with potential fire danger.

5. Real-time Voice Alarm Prompt with Wide Range: This smart smoke detector owns the wide monitoring range of 30 square meters, and it will intelligently and quickly issue 85dB alarm sound and push notification to you App automatically. Attention: The smoke inlet and outlet shall be cleaned in every 6 months to prevent the detector from being detected by dust blockage. And when the battery power is low, the detector will flash every 4 seconds to inform users to replace the battery.


Operating Power: 2-AAA batteries(Brand:GP-GN24A)

Power Consumption: alarm current≤300mA

Standby Current ≤ 30μA

Network Way: WiFi2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n

Alarm Indication: Red running lights

Sound Level ≥ 85dB/3M

Monitoring Range: 30 square meters

Working Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Working Humidity: 10%-95%RH

Package Listing:

1*Smart Smoke Alarm

1*User Guide


Note: The battery is included in the package.


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