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Ruijie 2260E Smart WIFI6 IOT Access point

Ruijie 2260E Smart WIFI6 IOT Access point

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Elevate your network's potential with Ruijie Networks' WiFi access points. Seamless installation services, backed by the trusted Ruijie brand, ensure a reliable and robust connection.

Highlight Features

  • Build ultra-high performance network with 3202Mbps wireless throughput.
  • Client connections over 500, provide higher practical performance for users as well.
  • Boost Internet speed with 2.5Gbps uplink.
  • Easily install extra AP with Reyee Mesh technology.
  • Set up Wi-Fi 6 network in 3 minutes with Ruijie Cloud APP.
  • Dual-radio performance, up to 1.267Gbps.
  • Get better performance with 802.11ac wave 2’s MU-MIMO technology.
  • Support to optimize the entire wireless network with just one click.
  • Easily set up your Wi-Fi network with Ruijie Cloud APP in 3 minutes.
  • With Ruijie Cloud, easy to maintain your networks remotely.
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