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Circuit Breaker |Smart Circuit Breaker WIFI

Circuit Breaker |Smart Circuit Breaker WIFI

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Circuit Breaker Earth Leakage or Wi-Fi Smart Circuit Breaker Switch with Overload Short Circuit protection - Voice Control with Amazon Alexa Google home For smart Home System

By b2b

Main Features:

1.Use with convenience of more advantages: Circuit Breaker can intelligently control multiple household appliances for smart home system. After pairing it to your mobile devices, you are able to enjoy most smart features of the circuit breaker.(Note: when you are operating the handle to turn on or off, it will remain about 3 seconds before turning off again.) Besides, it is suitable for 50Hz,230V/400V/0-100A circuit which contains various advantages about protection circuit breaker earth leakage, like overload and short circuit, over voltage and under voltage protection.

  1. Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control, providing your smart life with much more convenience in your smart home system. Freely control connected appliances via voice when your hands are not free.
  2. Remote Control: control your connected devices with the our mobile "Smart Life" App no matter wherever you are.(Compatible with Android & iOS.) Remote Control your appliances in advance when you are away from home.

4.Timer Scheduling : control of your appliances in time schedule feature on your mobile App, which can go up to 7 days programmable schedule to allow you to plan the exact time in advance to turn your devices on or off automatically. Auto on/off feature you countdown option of 1 min/5mins/30mins/1hour etc. Real time monitoring function that you can check the status of devices connected on the circuit breaker.

5.Family Sharing: Share your device remote control with your family members or roommates to control your home appliance at the same time with the smart  app is support multiple devices to control one circuit breaker or many smart apps to control multiple circuit breakers


  • This product only supports above input, down output.
  • Then don't reverse, otherwise the handle can't push up.
  • Some customers have a distribution box at home, the input line is below, and the output is above. This situation should turn our circuit breaker upside down.



Rated Voltage: AC 230V 1P 2P/ AC 400V 3P 4P


Pole Number:1P 2P 3P 4P

Anti-pollution Grade:2

Weather proofing rate:IP20

Installation Category: II,III

Working Temperature: -25℃~+65℃

Rated Current:125A

Rated Current:32A,40A,63A,80A,100A,125A

Instantaneous Tripping Characteristic

Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity:6kA

Rated Impact Withstand Voltage:6kV

Mechanism Life:>10000times

Electrical Life:>6000times

Package Listing

1*circuit breaker

1*user guide

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