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Aruba Instant On AP12 Access Point – R2X01A

Aruba Instant On AP12 Access Point – R2X01A

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Embrace flawless connectivity through Aruba Networks' WiFi access points. Expert installation meets the innovation of the Aruba brand for a superior network experience.

  • 3X3 11ac Wave2 Indoor Access Point

    Aruba AP-12 –R2X01A:

    The Aruba Instant On AP12 is an indoor access point designed to deliver high performance, with a 3X3 11ac Wave2 setup. It offers strong performance improvements for indoor locations that require simultaneous networking for devices with higher demands. This makes it ideal for busy environments such as retail stores, medical offices, hospitality establishments, as well as law and accounting firms.


    • Supports up to 75 devices at a time
    • Fast 802.11ac Wave 2, 3X3:3 MU-MIMO performance
    • Smart Mesh Wi-Fi support
    • Built-in Wi-Fi router/gateway functionality
    • Content and device-blocking controls
    • Simple to use bandwidth tuning for power-users
    • Easy-to-use web and mobile app for setup and management
    • Secure Guest Wi-Fi with a simple setup
    • Application classification, control, and visibility
    • PPPoE and Static IP
    • Wi-fi 5

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