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MOES 2nd Star Ring Smart ZigBee3.0 Push Button Light Switch

MOES 2nd Star Ring Smart ZigBee3.0 Push Button Light Switch

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The MOES ZigBee3.0 push button light switch is a top-notch switch crafted from PVC material, with a strong emphasis on safety, non-toxicity, and environmental sustainability. Rigorous testing has been performed to ensure a lifespan of 2 years and an impressive 5-million button presses, showcasing its exceptional durability for long-term use.

By integrating with the MOES/Tuya Smart APP, this push button light switch grants you the convenience of controlling your lights through your smartphone. The addition of a backlight Star ring halo adds a captivating touch, creating an enchanting starry sky-like lighting effect in any space. It is important to note that installation neutral wire optional. Furthermore, the MOES app introduces the concept of controlling one light with another in a 3-way setup. To enable wireless remote control functionality, the MOES/Tuya ZigBee Gateway is necessary. Elevate your lighting experience with the superior functionality of the MOES ZigBee3.0 Push Button Switch and relish in effortless control over your smart lighting system.

  • Backlight Star Ring Halo: The switch features a beautiful starry sky effect with a backlight star ring halo, adding elegance to your home
  • Neutral wire optional: MOES 2nd Star Ring Smart ZigBee3.0 Pushbutton Switches can be connected without a neutral wire and can be connected properly when a neutral wire is available.
  • 3-Way Concept: With the MOES app, set up a 3-way concept to control lights from multiple locations in your home.
  • Wireless Remote Control: Use the wireless remote control feature with the MOES/Tuya ZigBee Gateway for convenient control from anywhere in your home.
    • Product: Smart Switch
    • Protocol: ZigBee3.0
    • Max Current: 10A
    • Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
    • Temperature: -10~65℃
    • Power: <2
    • Package: 1 Star Ring smart switch, 1 User manual, 1 Screw bag
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