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Motorized Curtains KIT

Motorized Curtains KIT

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Transform your home with the allure of Dubai curtains and blinds. Our wide selection caters to diverse tastes, ensuring both style and privacy. Explore the latest trends and timeless classics, and find the ideal blinds & curtains for your Dubai home.

RF Remote or by voice Alexa and Google Home Multiple Controlling Modes

Main Features:

1.Build-in RF433 receiver for multiple controlling modes: RF Wall remote control as crystal type single or double channel emitter or portable remote with single, double, six and sixteen channels available for adding convenience to control connected devices. Smart Life /Tuya App remote control and easy voice control available. Even manual switch function supported on outage. Simply add motorized curtains or other similar devices to your smart home with Smart Curtain Motor Track.

2.Touch motion and Curtain rebound journey correction with memory function supported: Slightly pull the curtain to one direction by 5cm while the motor is energized, the motor will open or close automatically. Memory the position as the new limit position automatically when the curtain rebound a little due to compression. Power-off memory current running information; automatically set and memory the stop position, it will slow down when the curtain approaching the stop position to protect the whole system.

3.Stop at obstacle and speed adjustable: Smart reactions to resistance and self-protection. The curtain will stop automatically to protect the whole system while meeting any physical blocks. With a speed adjustment button, you could adjust the running speed to your own need. Always keep quiet with ultra-quiet design, lowing the noise to 30dB.

4.Smart Life Tuya App Compatible: Work with Smart Life Tuya App allows simple voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and wireless remote control your connected devices on your smart phones no matter where you are. Timer your own schedule to open/close your curtains at a preset time,even device share to family members to control together for added convenience.

5.Easy DIY Installation: Smart Self-configure; Automatically recognize travel limits when fully open or closed. Can also set third limits in the middle to your own preference and even group control supported; Timer your own schedules to control the curtains on/off; No installers or a degree in rocket-science required. Easily install and setup Motor Track in minutes with the installation manual. Directly connect the motor to smart curtain track to attain the normal operation of controlling the curtains.(Note: You may enjoy a single purchase of the curtain motor and the length of the track is customized.)


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